How to view the login status of active users in

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You can view the login status/history of the active users in

Why this feature?

This feature allows you to view the login and log-out times of the employees in your organization. Also, you can view the browser details and the IP address of the Employee's workstations for the security reasons.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → User management → Active users from the left navigation panel.


Step 2

In the Active user's page, click on the Login history icon to view the login history of any active user.


Step 3

For instance, let’s see the login history of Allice Mills. By clicking on the login history icon of Allice Mills you can view her login status. If you click on the view more button you will get the details of the mode of login and the browser details.


Step 4:

Once you click the View More button you will get the detailed browser details and the Ip address of the employee's workstation. And click OK to close the side panel.


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