How do I purchase new licenses in

Category: General helps users to add any number of licenses to their purchased plan.

Why this feature?

When there is a new joining employee in your organization admin needs to purchase a new license for him/her. Whenever the admin feels like adding the license to a particular user or many, the admin can add any number of licenses via the Billing option.

Note: By adding a license you are giving authorized credentials to the particular employee or user. This process secures the employee access level and lets you choose the users for whom you want to give the authority to manage and maintain OKRs.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Billing from the left navigation menu.


Step 2

On the Billing page, click on the Add/ Remove Licenses button.


Step 3

In the Add/ Remove Licenses page, select the Increase License option, and enter the number of licenses that you are going to add in the New Licenses option. Once you finish, click Next.


Step 4

Under the billing address section, add the necessary details and click Next. In the Provide Card Details section, add the necessary information of your card to purchase the added number of licenses, and click Pay Now.


Step 5

The information on paid licenses will be updated on the Billing History page.


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