How to add Notes in Weekly Meetings and Quarterly Meetings?

Category: General allows you to add Notes to a meeting under the meeting topics. The comments or notes can be viewed by the users who are going to attend the meeting.

Why this feature?

This feature provides an option for employees to add Notes to a meeting. Notes can serve as a reference for recall and follow-up after the meeting, assisting you in remembering key details and action items discussed.

Step 1

Navigate to the CFR → Conversations → Meetings from the left navigation panel.

You will find the scheduled meetings on your calendar. Click on the meeting you want to attend. The meeting information will be displayed on the right side.

Step 2

Click on the Name of the meeting to open the meeting topics.

To add Notes hover over the topics and click on the + sign

Step 3

All the attendees will have access to view the notes and add comments.

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