How to allow the head of the department to modify the user details?

Category: General provides access to the department admins to create new users and modify the existing users who belong to their department.

Why this Feature?

Once the super users give access to the heads by enabling the Allow department head to create/edit users toggle, the department heads need not request the Super Users to manage and modify the details of the users under their department. Instead, they can perform this action on their own. Also, they can modify details in both the parent and sub-departments.

How can Superusers provide access?

Navigate to Settings → Security → User Access from the left navigation panel.


Enable the Allow department head to create/edit users toggle.


FYI: Also, the department head’s user role should be Profit Manager.


Step 1

Once the Super User provides access, the Department heads can manage their users under My Department OKRs.

Navigate to OKRs → My Department OKRs.


Click on the option Manage Users.


Step 2

Here the department head can manage their employees.


The Department head can click on the + icon to create a new user under his own department.


Also, the department head can click on the icon icon to update the existing users present in the department.


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