How to integrate with Tableau using username and password and create key results?

Category: General allows you to integrate account with Tableau and create key results and automate the progress.

Note: also allows integrate your account with tableau via an access token.

Step 1

Login to your Tableau Cloud account using your Email address and Password.

Sign in

Step 2

Copy the URL of the home page after Sign In and navigate to Settings → Integrations→ Connectors in


Step 4

Click on the Manage button of Tableau and click on the Connect to Tableau button.

Manage tableau


Step 5

On the connect to Tableau page, provide information for Connection Name, paste Tableau site home page URL which is copied.

Select Connection type → Username & Password and enter the Tableau credentials and click Update to make a connection.



Step 6

Now click on Create Key result using Forms under the objective where you want to make a connection to Tableau and automate the progress.

Enable the Auto Update toggle and select Tableau to make a connection.

Auto Update

Note: while creating key results using an integrated connector, you can use only Increase, Decrease, and Control KPI.

Step 7

Once you select the Tableau integration, you will be directed to the Connect to Tableau page, where the Connection Name will be automatically populated, under Workbook select the workbook, and then provide information for other sections based on your need.

Once you choose your Aggregation type, the current value of your KPI will be automatically pulled in from Tableau.

Finally, click on Add.



Step 8

After creating a key result click on the check-in slider bubble and select Check in to update the progress in the key result.


Check in

Step 9

The value will be updated in the key result and it will be updated automatically every day at 9 PM local time.

Updated OKR

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