How to schedule meetings with a dynamic time range?

Category: General provides an option to set dynamic time ranges and end dates while scheduling a long-time meeting. 

Why this feature?

  • If you are planning to schedule protracted or audit meetings in your organization, you can use this feature to schedule them for longer time durations. 
  • Users can customize the time range and date based on their organizational needs.

Step 1

Navigate to Meetings from the left navigation panel.

On the Meetings page, click on the + Schedule Meeting icon to schedule a New meeting. 

You can see the dynamic time ranges on the end time input box. Set the time range for 1 hour.

If you’re trying to change the starting time of the Meeting. The end time will be automatically changed with an addition of 1 hour. 


Step 2 

If the meeting exceeds a day you can change the end time and automatically the end date input box will be reflected on the meeting schedule page. 


You can also extend the meeting for more than two days by changing the date in the End Date input box.

After setting the time and dates you can Schedule the Meeting.

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