How to send the summary of meetings through email in

Category: General provides an option to send the summary of the meetings through email. 

Why this feature?

  • Email summaries streamline communication, provide key information efficiently, and ensure recipients stay informed, saving time and promoting clarity in the exchange of information.
  • By sending the summary through the mail, we can share the meeting topics, tasks, ideas, and decisions that your organization has taken in the meeting.
  • We can also mail the summary to the other users in your organization who are not part of the meeting.

Step 1

Navigate to Meetings from the left navigation panel and click on the Meeting title.

You will be directed to the Meeting Overview menu. Click on the Send Summary.

Step 2

You will get the compose menu, where you can add other users from your organization. You can include the department's email address to notify everyone within the department.

You can change the email subject. The meeting-related topics will be automatically added to the email content.

Note: If you select “Copy to me” your email address will also be added to the recipients' section.

Once done, click on Send.


  • You can either add the department group email address when creating a new department or edit an existing department to include the group email address. 
  • You will receive an alert message when you attempt to Send Summary to more than 50 individual users. Adding a department email address allows you to send the summary to all individual users within that department, even if the department has more than 50 individuals.

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