How to terminate/revoke users from Profit?

Category: General provides an option to terminate the employees and to revoke the terminated employees from the user management.

Why this feature?

    • By using this feature, you can terminate/revoke an employee.
    • When a user leaves the organization, you can select the "Terminate" option from the user profile in User Management.
    • You can also revoke an already terminated user from the settings.

How to terminate a user?

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → User Management → Active Users from the left navigation panel.

Select the employee whom you want to terminate and click the Edit option under the Actions tab.

Click on "Terminate” on the Active User page. You will get the terminate user pop-up option.

You can assign another Manager to take your place by searching and selecting them in Assign Manager. Then click Done.

Note: Only Managers will be able to select another user of the same level to replace them.

If you want to assign the user’s tasks and OKRs to any other employee, you can do it by clicking the “Assign this User's tasks and OKRs to another user?” checkbox and choosing a name in the Assigned to field.

After clicking Done, all the activities (Tasks & OKRs) that were done by the terminated employee will be transferred to the employee that you have selected.



How to revoke a terminated user?

If you want to revoke the terminated user,

Navigate to Settings → User Management → Terminated Users and click on the Edit icon of the Terminated User's info.

Click Restore User.

Note: You can also Export the Terminated Users list by clicking on the Export icon in the right corner.

You can also enable the disabled user by navigating to Settings → User Management → Active Users from the left menu. Edit the employee information “Enable login?” and click Update.

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