How to view the sub-department and sub-team OKRs count in the Company Dashboard?

Category: General provides an option to include the sub-departments and sub-teams count while viewing the Company Dashboard.

Why this Feature?

By using this feature we can view the count of OKRs present in the sub-departments and sub-teams through the Company Dashboard.

Step 1

For instance, in the department named Digital Marketing, there is a sub-department named Advertising.


To view the Department OKR Progress in the company dashboard, navigate to the Home → Company Dashboard from the left navigation panel.


In the OKR by Department dashboard view, in Digital Marketing there is one OKR present in the status On Track.

Step 2

Enable the toggle Include all sub-departments/teams' OKRs count in the Show/Hide option.


After enabling if we check the On Track OKRs in Digital Marketing, it shows the count as five. Because it has been included in the count of OKRs present in the sub-department.


Note: We can view the count difference in the Team OKRs as well if we enable the toggle Include all sub-departments/teams' OKR count.

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