What happens to the features, data and the OKRs created once the trial period ends?

Category: General

Profit.co does not collect any data from users and never uses the information provided by the users. Profit.co does not provide any of our client data to third parties. Our policies clearly indicate that clients own their data and we never intend to use their information. For more information about data security click here.
In Profit.co, if the trial period ends for your account, the data you have provided such as the OKRs, Tasks that you have created will not be ceased or erased from the account. Also, you can download/export the OKRs as CSV and delete the data by yourself.
All the data and features will remain the same even when your trial period ends so that you can purchase the licenses and access the account further. You can reactivate your account by paying according to your plan. Once you upgrade your plan, the account will be regenerated according to the upgraded pricing plan.

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