How to create a new KPI?

Category: KPIs

By default, has 300+ inbuilt KPIs with 10+ KPI categories which will help users easily create OKRs with KPIs.

Why this feature?

  • KPIs are quantifiable metrics that track progress toward specific outcomes. 
  • KPIs can be associated with key results to track and measure the achievement of your objectives. 
  • You can define and maintain a library of KPIs that are unique to your business, and allow users to reuse KPIs for better tracking and reporting.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings from the left navigation panel. 

Click on OKRs → KPIs → KPIs by Category.

On the KPIs by Category page, click on the Create KPIs button to create a new KPI.

Step 2

On the Create KPI page, choose the required KPI Category from the dropdown. Enter the Name of your KPI, and choose the Progress Calculation for Control KPI.

Choose the measurement type and click Create.

The created KPI will be available in the marketing category.

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