How to create a new KPI?

Category: KPIs comes seeded with 300+ KPIs. When you need a new KPI to track in your key result, a super user can add it from the settings.

Step 1

Login as a superuser. From the left navigation panel, select Settings → OKRs → KPIs → KPIs by Category.


You will be directed to the KPIs by Category page.

Step 2

In KPIs by Category, page click Create button. For example, consider that we are going to create a KPI QA Rejection rate under the KPI category Manufacturing.

To create a new KPI, click Create. You will be directed to the Create KPI form.


Let’s say, you want to create a KPI QA Rejection rate for the category Manufacturing. In the Create KPI form,

  • In Select the KPI category section, select the category - Manufacturing.
  • Enter Name - QA Rejection Rate in the Name your new KPI section.
    • If QA Rejection Rate is an aggregate KPI enable the Aggregate? Toggle. aggregate

Learn more about how KPI aggregation works?

  • Or if QA Rejection Rate is an extended KPI enable the Extended? Toggle. extended

Find out more about how KPI extension works?

  • Select the Key result type(s) for the KPI in the What is key result type? section - Decrease KPI and Control KPI.
  • Select the measurement type for the KPI in What is the measurement Type? Section - Percentage (%).
  • Click Create section - percentage - The KPI QA Rejection Rate is created and will be listed in the All KPI list.


You can filter KPIs by categories. To view the new KPI QA Rejection Rate,

Select the category - Manufacturing.

You will find the KPI QA Rejection Rate listed on this page. Know more about how to enable and disable a KPI?

To view the newly created KPI, click on the Category on the left side to filter the KPIs pertaining to that category. Now you can see the QA Rejection Rate KPI under the category Manufacturing.


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