How to create a KPI and connect it with a Key Result via a connector?

Category: KPIs provides an option to create a new KPI and connect it with a Key Result via a connector to automate the key result progress.

What is the use of this feature?

These integration connectors make it easier to track and automatically update key results with important data and metrics loaded directly to your platform. Also, eliminates the hassle of switching between platforms when you want to complete accurate check-ins.

Step 1

Navigate to OKR → All My OKRs from the left navigation panel. 

Let’s create a key result Using Form.

Step 2

Choose the key result type as Increase KPI from the dropdown.

Click on the Automate Check-in and select the connectors which you want. 

These connections are already established through Integration. Click here to know more about applications that are available for Integrations in

After selecting the connectors click on Create.

Click on the check-ins slider once to update the progress of the key result.

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