How to create a KPI and connect it with a Key Result via a connector?

Category: KPIs allows you to create KPI and lets you connect it with the key result via salesforce. You can now select the created KPIs under salesforce and can connect with any key result that you wish to add your sales force KPIs.

Step 1

From the authorized connector page, once you login to Salesforce, navigate to OKRs→ My Individual OKRs from the left navigation panel.


Step 2

Now select the OKR for which you want to connect the sales force KPI. Here the OKR Grow International revenue is selected.

Now click on Add new key result→ Using the step-by-step- guide.

Add a new key result

Step 3

Now choose the type of KPI that you want to add to the key result. Here Increase KPI is selected.


Step 4

Now select the category as Salesforce, and from the list of created KPI, select one that you have created or from the one that is given as default.


Step 5

Now give value for the salesforce KPI, and fill in the other details of the key results.

Key result

Step 6

Once you click Complete, the key result will be created with the KPI.


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