What are KPIs used for? And what are KPI Boards?

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Why this feature?

Profit.co provides inbuilt KPIs and allows the creation of KPI Boards which play a major role in OKRs, as they measure the performance of your key results over time for a specific objective. 


KPIs can be associated with key results to track quantitative outcomes and measure the achievement of your Objective. Also, you can define and maintain a library of KPIs that are unique to your business, and allow your employees to reuse KPIs for better tracking and reporting. 

KPI Boards

Basically, a KPI board is a bundle of KPIs. You can have a Sales KPIs board with all the Sales KPIs you are using to measure the key result progress in the sales department.

Step 1

To create a KPI board, Navigate to Settings → OKRs → KPIs → KPI boards, and click on the + icon.

Step 2

In the create page, enter the board Name. 

Click on the search icon in the Select KPIs and add the KPIs you want to add to the board.

Once done, click Create.

Step 3

You can also view the KPI boards by navigating to Home → KPI Boards from the left navigation panel.

There you can find the enabled KPI boards.

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