How can I add a new check-in status value?

Category: OKRs provides an option to add a new check-in status via Settings.

Why this Feature?

  • Super Users can add new statuses based on the requirement of the project.
  • Once the Super Users add the new status, the users can view them while they check in their OKRs.
  • Users can also highlight the OKR Rows based on the updated check-in values for better visibility.

Note: Only Super Users can add new statuses.

Step 1

Navigate Settings → OKRs → Authoring. Under the Statuses page, click on the Create button on the statuses page to create a new status.

In the Create Status window, enter the new status name in the Name option, select a color for the status from the color picker under the Color option and then enter the Confidence % value.

The confidence % value determines the confidence level of the user in achieving the objective.

Note: So, if you set a confidence level to 60%, and when a user selects this status while check-in, it means that they are only 60% confident to complete the objective.

Once you add the new status value, click on Create.

Now the newly added status is added at the bottom of the statuses list.

Step 2

Now you can view the newly added status in the Check-in tab of the OKRs.

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