How can I add a new check-in status value?

Category: OKRs provides an option to add a new check -in status.

Note: Only Super Users are able to add a new status.

Why this Feature?

If you need to add a new check-in status other than the default ones, you can add it from settings.

Step 1:

Navigate Settings → OKRs → Statuses.


Step 2:

In this list, click on the pencil icon to edit any status name or the color code.

pencil icon

Use the toggle slide, to enable/disable any of these status values.


Once disabled, the value will not show up while we check-in Key Results.

check-in Key Results

Now, click the Create button above the status list.


Enter the new status name and select a color for the status from the color picker and then enter the confidence value Confidence values determine how confident the objective can be accomplished.

So, if you set a confidence level to 60%, and when a user selects this status while check-in, it means that they are only 60% confident to complete the objective.

create status

Newly added status value is added to the list at the bottom.

Newly added status

To change the order of the status values, drag it using the three dots on the left side.

change the order of the status values

Verify this new status value, go to the Check-in tab of an objective.

new status value

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