How can I enforce upper and lower limits for control KPI?

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KPI helps organizations to evaluate the level of success in reaching business goals. To control your KPIs effectively, and to help you keep track of the objective, has a provision.

Why this Feature?

By applying upper and lower limits for Control KPI, you can make your KPIs move between the limited yet focused limits to achieve your key results on time.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings→ KPIs→ KPIs by Category from the left navigation panel.

KPIs by Category

Step 2:

In the KPIs by Category page, click on the filter icon and enable Control KPI.

Control KPI

Step 3:

Now from the list of control KPI, choose from the list of KPI categories for which you want to set the upper and lower limit.

For Instance, let’s say that David Griffin wants to set a limit for Cumulative Layout Shift.

Cumulative Layout Shift

Step 4:

Now click on the KPI to update the control KPI with the upper and lower limits.

Here we have set the Enforce lower limit as 100 and the Enforced upper limit as 200 and then click Update for the change to be incorporated.


Note: If you already have a key result active with the same KPI you can’t be able to update.

Step 5:

Now when you add this control KPI to any of the key results you will be notified with the Upper limit on the overview page of the particular key result for which you have applied the control KPI.

overview page

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