How do I align sub key results using Bottom-up alignment?

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You can now perform bottom-up alignment on your sub key results in Profit. co. You can now align as a key result to an objective or you can align as a subkey result to a key result.

Why this feature?

Like aligning your OKRs in Top-down alignment, you can also align your OKRs in Bottom-up alignment in When individuals align their OKRs to their manager’s, department’s, or company’s OKRs, it is an example of bottom-up alignment. You can not only align key results but also you can align your sub key results, thereby you can align your sub-goals as well.

Did you know?

With regard to OKR’s strategic execution methodology, it is important that your goals are clear, transparent, aligned, and prioritized. So if the employees align their OKRs with their managers or the heads, they are paving way for the successful execution of goals with prior guidance and encouragement. Bottom-up alignment not only promotes transparency but also helps employees identify goals that really matter to the organization.

If you already know how to align your key results in bottom-up alignment, this is going to be very easy.

Step 1

Click on the View button of the sub key result that you want to align.


Step 2

In the View page, click on the Align button, and a drop down will appear with two options, Align as a key result to an objective and Align as a subkey result to a key result.

Align button

Step 3

Once you choose an option, a pop up menu will appear, where you can select from the list of OKRs and choose the objective or key results with which you want to align your sub key results.

Add button

Step 4

Once you choose, your sub key result will be aligned and you can view the alignment under the Bottom-up alignment section.

Bottom-up alignment

Also, if you would like to know:

You can assign your sub key results to multiple assignees, click here to know more.

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