How do I create an Objective via Step-by-step guide?

Category: OKRs provides an option to create Objectives by using the Step-By-Step Guide.

Why this feature?

  • The Step-By-Step Guide helps you to create your objective clearly with its detailed steps and functionality.
  • Clear objectives and detailed steps enhance efficiency, focus, and productivity, ensuring successful project execution and goal attainment.

For instance, let’s create an Objective for a customer success Department.

Step 1

In the OKRs page click on the + Create Objective button to create a new Objective and select the option Step-By-Step Guide.

In the first step you can set,

  • Name for your Objective
  • OKR level
  • OKR Category 
  • Associate Tags with your Objectives
  • Select Objective examples or set it from a predefined template

Step 2

In the second step you can set Target Dates for the Objectives as Quarterly, Yearly, or custom range basis. Also, you can set a custom range or newly generated period for the Objective. 

Step 3

You can Set Visibility for your Objective by selecting Public, Department, or Access list [with other Departments, Teams and employees]. 

Step 4

Next, you can set the Owner of the objective by clicking on the + icon.

Step 5 

As a final step, you can Align your Objective to any other OKRs based on the organizational needs. After aligning the objective, click on Complete

Note: If you click on the Objective checkbox it will be aligned as a Key Result. If you click on the Key Result checkbox it will be aligned as a Sub-Key Result

The newly created Objective will be displayed on the OKRs page. 

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