How do I create an Objective via Step-by-step guide?

Category: OKRs allows you to create Objectives via a step-by-step guide. The Step-by-step guide helps you to create your objective clearly with its detailed steps and functionality.

Why this Feature?

This feature enables the user to design and articulate objectives for their OKRs.

Step 1:

Navigate to OKRs → All My OKRs in the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the All My OKRs page, click on the Create OKR button, you will be shown three options, in that select Step-by-step guide option.

Click on the Let’s get started button.


Step 3:

Now type the name of the objective. You can either create your own or can select from the list of objectives that have been provided as default examples.


Also, now we support the tags option in the step-by-step guide while we create objectives from the template.


To create objectives from the template, click on Create from Template button.


In the Template page, From the list of predefined templates, select the template which will be suitable for your objective and click on the Next button.


Note: Go to Settings → OKRs → Templates to add and manage objective templates. This can be done only by the Super User.

Step 4: Target Date

The Target Date is a time period within which you want to complete the objective. You can use the left and right arrow at the top to set the specific year. Here the Target Date is set as Q2 2020. Once you set the date, click on the Next button.



Step 5: Visibility

The Visibility setting helps you to control the viewing option of the particular objective.


All Employees:

Each and every employee in your organization can view the Objective.

My Management:

Your Managers, Team lead, HR Team, and other management departments can view your Objective.

My Directs:

Your immediate subordinates can view the OKR.

My Team:

Your OKR can be viewed only by your team members.

Only Myself:

No one else can see the OKR, except for you. You can also make the OKR visible to your management, your directs and your team, by multi selecting My Management, My Directs, and My Team.

After selecting the Visibility Click on the Next button.

Step 6: Alignment: allows you to align your OKR with your management's OKR. You can decide which OKR you want to align with. You can select OKRs from any department that is mentioned in the activity bar. Here the OKR is aligned with the three of the OKRs of My Management OKRs. By simply clicking on the align button, you can align your objectives effectively.


Step 7:

Once you align the objectives, click on the Complete button to create the Objective. The Objective will be created.


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