How do you define a key result of decrease KPI in Profit?

Category: OKRs

Let’s say we want to decrease bounce rate. We want to decrease this from 65% to 40%. While creating key result in Profit, you will be presented with the six key result types available in Profit.

Select decrease KPI

Selecting this key result type, will present a list of KPIs for you.

Search for the KPI

From this list, let’s select the KPI first contact resolution rate. Once you select the KPI, you will have an opportunity to define where you are and where you’d like to take this KPI.

Select Bounce Rate

Enter 65 in the “from” field, and 40 in the “to” field.

Decrease Bounce rate from  65 to 10

This is how you create a key result of “Decrease KPI” type in Profit.

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