How do you define a key result of Percentage tracked in Profit?

Category: OKRs offers 6 key result types that enhance objective progress. These metrics aid in achieving goals by measuring and tracking various aspects of performance.

Why this feature?

  • grants users the choice to opt from the six key result types, facilitating advancement towards their objectives.
  • Selecting the Percentage Tracked key result in offers advantages by quantifying progress as a percentage of completion.
  • This enhances goal clarity, and measurement accuracy, and enables informed decision-making 

Using Form

Step 1

Navigate to OKRs from the left navigation panel and choose the required Objective to create Key Result. 

Click on the +Add new key result option and choose the Using Form option.

Step 2

On the Create Key Result page, choose the Simple option to create the percentage tracked key result. 

Enter the required details and click Create.

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