How do you define a key result of Percentage tracked in Profit?

Category: OKRs

Let’s say we want to onboard 10 employees and you can simply define your KR with percentage tracked without associate any KPIS.

Using Quick create:

It's a simplest key result type. You can click on “Add key result” and type in “ onboard 10 employees” and enter.

Add new percentage tracked key result

Percentage tracked key result added

Using step by step guide:

While creating key results using step by step guide in Profit, you will be presented with the six key result types available in Profit.

Select Percentage tracked KPI

Selecting this key result type, will present a question “what are you tracking?”

What are you tracking?

Enter “Employees”, and type in your KR name.

Add the key result name

This is how you create a key result of “Percentage tracked” type in Profit.

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