How to create Key results Using Form?

Category: OKRs provides an option to create key results using the form option.

Why this feature?

  • By creating key results using the form users can title their key results, select their target date and choose their key result type, as well as who the key result is assigned to and their check-in frequency. 
  • Depending on the key result type you choose, the form will provide you with the next steps to organize the necessary details.

Step 1

Under the Objective click on the + icon to create a key result and select the Using Form option.


Step 2

In the form, enter the key result and set the Key Result type, Period and Tags.

Note: If needed you can automate your key result progress using the Integrations.


Enter additional information about the key results on Additional Context, set the Cascade Approach, Key Result Owner, and Check-in Frequency. Finally, click on Create to create the Key Result.


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