How to create Key results Using Form?

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Creating good OKRs is fundamental to the success of any OKR program. allows you to create key results using form. Using this method you can not only create key results easily but also you get to create it precisely, by making sure that all the necessary details are added.

Why this feature?

You can create key results via three different ways in, and one such way is Using Form, where you can create key results in a quick yet elaborate way.

To know how to create key results using form, follow the below steps

Step 1:

Click on the + icon to create the Key Result.

Using Form

Select the Key Result Type, Tracking type and the Target Date on the top of the form.

Key Result Type

If you want the Key Result to plugin with Integrations enable the toggle and select the Integrations.


Step 2:

Type your Key result and add the Additional Context.

Additional Context

Set the Alignment for your Key Result in Assignment Approach.

Assignment Approach

Finally, select the Assignee and Check-in Frequency for your Key Result.


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