How to add Notes in the Objectives?

Category: OKRs provides an option to add Notes in the Objectives.

Why this Feature?

This feature helps you to add additional information to your objectives as Notes. You can add instructions, comments, target date, review date, etc as notes. These notes will help the employee in scheduling and executing their objectives.

Step 1

Hover the mouse over the objective name to which you want to add Notes and click on the Notes Icon.


Step 2

Click on the plus_symbol symbol, to add the Notes.


Step 3

After adding the Note, click Create.


The notes which you create will be added to the objective.


Note: In the Notes, we can add the Hashtag Conversations and tag employees here.

Step 4

Also, we can add private notes in Objectives.

Navigate to Settings → Notes → Security in the left navigation bar.


Enable the toggles for enabling the private notes and sync notes in the assigned key results.

Note: Only Super Users can enable the Private Notes.


Hover your cursor on the Objective and click on Notes.


Click on the profile icon and select the users to whom you want to make the notes visible.


After selecting the users, let’s create a Note.


The private note will be visible only to the assigned user and the owner of the Objective.


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