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In, you can now clone/copy the OKRs if you want to make a duplicate of the existing OKRs. Based on your requirements you can either clone the OKRs alone or you can copy the OKRs along with their tasks.

Why this Feature?

  • This feature enables the users to make duplicate copies of OKRs.
  • By cloning OKRs you can edit and make changes to cloned OKRs and reuse them without creating new ones and it saves time too.

Note: Even though you have made some progress in the original OKR. The progress of the cloned/copied OKR will be zero.

Step 1

Navigate to All OKRs page, and Select the OKR you wish to Clone. Click on the More icon and select Clone.

Step 2

After selecting the Clone option, if you wish to duplicate OKR alone, Select Only OKRs from the side panel.

A pop-up tab will appear to notify the OKR Cloned Successfully.

Step 3

If you wish to duplicate OKRs with Tasks, Select OKRs with Tasks from the side panel. 

OKRs will be cloned along with their tasks and will be displayed on the OKRs List page.

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