How to enable and read the bar chart value of OKRs in

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You can now enable and read the bar chart value of the OKRs in

Why this Feature?

Using a Bar Chart you can represent OKR values via categorical data with rectangular bars with heights or lengths proportional to the values that they represent. Just like Radar charts you can view your OKRs through a bar chart representation.

Note: Only Super Users can access Settings.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → OKRs→ OKR List View from the left navigation menu.


Step 2

In the OKR List View page, under the Dashboard section, you can select any two options for the dashboard view. Select Bar Chart from the second field.


Step 3

Now you have selected the Dashboard view.


Step 4

Now in the OKR view page, click on the Dashboard icon.


Step 5

Here you can view the value of OKRs in the Radar Chart view and Bar Chart view.


Step 6

You can view the value of OKRs in a bar chart view.

The Actual progress will be represented in blue and the Planned progress will be in grey. X Axis - OKR names and Y Axis - Progress %.

The following colors represent the status of the,

  • OKR progress Blue - On Track
  • Red - In Trouble
  • Green - Completed
  • Orange - At Risk


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