How to filter OKRs by Periods?

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OKRs are created based on quarters or periods. A period signifies a year and each year is divided into four quarters. provides an option to filter your OKRs based on periods.

Why this Feature?

This feature enables the users to access the period filter from the OKR list page and instantly filter OKRs.

Step 1:

Navigate to OKRs→ All My OKRs from the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the All My OKRs page, Click the Period filter icon on the top left and click the drop-down to select the required period in which you want to filter the OKRs.

For instance, let's say that you want to filter OKRs only in the Q2-2022 quarter.

Select the Q2-2022 alone from the Period drop-down.


Step 3:

The OKRs that are created on particular periods(Q2-2022) will be filtered and displayed.


Note: using Show OKRs/KRs toggle under the Show/Hide option you can decide whether to display the OKRs whose target periods are declared using the “Custom Range” overlaps with selected periods in the filter or not.


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