How to measure Task Tracked KR using sub-key results progress?

Category: OKRs allows you to measure the progress of the Task Tracked key result also using sub-key results progress for effective tracking of the key result progress.

Why this feature?

By using this feature you can track your Task Tracked key result using the sub-key result progress and not from the associated tasks.

Step 1

After creating a key result using the Task Tracked KR type. Click on the key result and in the overview page select Sub Key Results and enable Sync from Sub Key Results. 

Step 2

After enabling the toggle a pop-up will appear with a warning message “ This key result progress is updated based on the task. By enabling the sync from sub key result the existing progress will be overridden by the sub key results progress. Do you still want to continue? “

Click on Yes to continue.

Step 3

Once the sync is enabled the sub key result progress only will be considered overriding the associated task progress.

The average of the sub key result progress has been rolled up to the key result progress in the image below, overriding the existing 20% progress from the completion of the associated task.

You can also disable the sync and refresh the page to progress the key result based on the completion of the associated tasks.

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