How to modify planned check-in value in

Category: OKRs allows users to modify check-in dates and values.

Why This Feature?

This feature enables the users to change the planned check-in values for any Key Result. This helps to customize and modify the default check-in value when necessary with respect to organizational needs.

Note: Users will only be able to modify the planned values for future check-ins.

Step 1:

Navigate to the All My OKRs page and select the Key Result for which you want to modify the planned check-in value.

All My OKRs

Step 2:

In the Key Result page, select Modify Plan from the Check-ins tab.

Key Result page

Step 3:

In the Modify Plan side panel, change the check-in value for the Key Result by clicking on the planned value field. To round off the value, click on the Decrease Decimal Places button. Once done, select Update.

For instance, Let’s modify the check-in value for 05/06/2022.

Modify Check-in

The modified planned check-in value will be reflected in the graph.

Check-in modified

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