How to modify planned check-in value in

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You can now modify the check-in values in Now users can change the planned check-in values for any Key Result through the check-ins tab. This option avoids the confusion behind viewing the default planned check-in value by letting you modify it when necessary.

Note: You can’t modify the already planned checked-in value, you can only modify the planned values for future check-ins, if you try to modify the past check-ins you won’t be able to do it and you will be restricted to do so.

Step 1

Navigate to the key result for which you want to modify the planned check-in value.

Step 2

Now click on the Modify plan button, a side panel will open. Here you can see all the Planned check-in dates and check-in values.

If you want to change the planned check-in values for the Key Result, change the value by clicking on the planned value field and click on Update, the changes will be updated.

Step 3

For instance, Let’s say that you want to modify the planned check-in value for the future check-in on 05/14/2021, you can do so by clicking on the value field. Here the value is changed to 17, click Update.

Step 4

The modified planned check-in value will be reflected in the graph.


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