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When you can’t generate enough leads for your company, you may turn around and ask for help from outside your company. So, what better way to ask for help than going for agencies? Agencies have lots of tools and skilled people needed to get the leads you want – so that you can sell your products more efficiently. And agencies have agents, of course, that will help you get the leads.

But for knowing how the agents succeeded in getting your lead number to grow, you’ll need to calculate this. In fact, the sales team will need to know this calculation.

Calculating the Leads Generated by Agents

By adding all the leads acquired by all the agents, you’ll get the total number of leads. Comparing the results will get you a proper vision over the entire leads scenario. Also, if you know all the agents, you can see how they did this month compared with the months before. The sales department will know much more about this if you want your leads to be generated by an agency.

Now you’re wondering how agents and agencies can increase your number of leads. Quite simple actually, but to get further into the problem, let’s take a look below and see how they do it.

How Agents Increase Your Leads Number?

If you’ve thought about SEO in the first place, you’re right. Getting your company name all over the web will act as click bait. If the potential customer is interested in your products, then you’ve scored. Almost all agents are highly trained in getting leads by using the SEO method.

Providing the potential customer with free downloadable resources is a highly payable strategy that will increase the number of your leads. First of all, the customer interested in your products and services will like to know more about your company – so why not provide them with the info? They will certainly get back to you and use your products for sure.

Every potential customer has an email address. Agents may add a button to your website where the customer will add his email address – and they will receive information regarding your company and the latest benefits. Ever wondered why most websites have a button that says “subscribe your mail to get the latest new”? Well, this is named email marketing and you have witnessed yourself how well it works.

A/B testing is quite complicated if you’re not into marketing software, but if you master them correctly, it will spare you from a lot of headaches. A/B testing is made by software that actually analyzes your webpage and tells you, in real time, where the visitors are going on the webpage – and how much time they spend on a particular page. It comes really handy to know all these stats.

To conclude the above information, getting an agency to work you our leads number is a good choice, but your sales department will also need to keep track of them. How agents work is quite simple – but knowing how they work is better. This is because you can choose from different agencies that have the tools necessary for your success.

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