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If you’re an entrepreneur that is passionate about selling your services efficiently – while also having a clear picture about what your customers want and need – you might want to consider knowing every detail of the most important sales analytics.

The performance of your business is one of the matters that keep you motivated – or show you what you should change in order for your business to be successful. Monitoring the sales analytics of your business is a must – and a proper way to do that is by using the form of metrics.

This will optimize your activity, help increase your business performance and provides you and your team with the clarity regarding the job you’re doing. One of these important metrics that you should consider is the order canceled by reason metric. Read on to find out what this metric is about and how it can help you organize your business better:

What is the Orders Cancelled by Reason Metric?

This metric, as the name already suggests, is directly connected to the orders your customers decide to place – but decide to cancel afterward for a number of reasons.

Because there are so many reasons potential customers might have to cancel an order, you might get confused and wonder what might make them reconsider buying your services. Some of them may have thought twice about it, but they had no solution.

In such cases, this metric comes in handy – as it gives you and your team the power to find out the reasoning behind each customer’s decision to cancel the order. Not only does it give you useful feedback on the quality or price of your products, but it also allows no place for misinterpretation – making things clear for you and your team. The formula of this useful metric is:

Number of Orders Canceled due to a Particular Reason / Total Number of Canceled Orders = Orders Canceled by Reason

Having insight into the occurrence of cancellation cases that come out of nowhere will allow you to find out the reasons, know your customers’ needs better – and last, but not least, to know how to optimize your services so that situations like these would no longer appear.

Canceling orders might be an effect of your customers’ preferences (and other factors) which does not have to do with your business. This is why this metric is so useful for your business. Thanks to the orders canceled by reason metric, your business will have the chance to flourish and improve its services, as:

  • The orders canceled by reason metric allows you to pinpoint issues that can be improved and optimized;
  • The orders canceled by reason metric provides a clear picture of the potential customers, as well as their desires and needs;
  • The orders canceled by reason metric provides free feedback – which has only good benefits for you and your team.

With this metric at hand, your business will surely flourish fast and efficiently. Orders canceled by reason metric will help you optimize your business every time you feel it might need some improvement.

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