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In order to keep a business successful, you need to make sure if the products are selling well or not. Therefore, you need a way to rank these products and determine if there are some who are not selling well. A way to do that is through the product performance KPI.

So, if you want to know how it could help you keep your business on track, read this article, as it will tell you the relevant information.

What is Product Performance?

As already obvious, product performance is a KPI. It lets you rank your company’s product sales based on revenue performance. This allows you to inform the sales team about the products that are selling well. Additionally, it lets you rank the poorest performing products, so you can determinate which are the products that are failing. This way, you can resonate with the customers.

During the monitoring process of this KPI, you have to consider the specific contexts that surround every product. For example, maybe a specific product is having a sudden boost because of a viral marketing campaign. Or maybe your product is not selling well because you have competitors promoting a similar product.

It’s important to understand that product performance is not directly linked to revenue performance. In certain situations, you may have high volume products at a low price that may account for more than half of your products shipped and be essential to your business model. However, these products may not be able to build to the top 5 products when it comes to revenue. Just like you’d do with any KPI, you have to use metrics and measures that are consistent with the model and objectives your business has.

What are the Key Terms?

The key terms for product performance are as follows:

-Units sold – It means the total number of units of a certain product that were sold.

-Revenue – It signifies the total dollar value of revenue generated over a specific time.

-Purchase value – Pretty self-explanatory, it shows the total dollar value of each purchase order.

What Indicates Success?

With this KPI, it’s not that difficult to notice when your business is successful and when it’s not. Basically, one way to notice that things are going well is if there are increases in product sales revenue. So, that shows that the number of products that are sold grows. An increase in the number of units per order is another sign that the business is doing great. If the average dollar value of each purchase order increases, that is another good sign.

It shows that your business is able to sell the products and generate income, thus being successful.
As a business owner, it’s only normal that you want the best for your company and want to ensure that the products are being sold. The product performance is a great way to keep track of the number of products that are sold and to know if a product is not doing too well. Therefore, you will be able to fix the problems and work towards success.

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