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Sales are important when owning a business, which is why you should keep an eye on them and notice how well they perform. They perform better or worse depending on the time of the year or region. This article is going to focus on sales by region.

Would you like to know what they refer to? The following lines will let you know.

What are Sales by Region?

Sales by region basically shows you how well a product performs in a certain area. So’ let’s say that your business launches a new product, and you want to see how well it does worldwide. Through sales by region, you will be able to find that out easily. It shows you where the product sells the most.

So, if a product sells more in Spain compared to Italy, for example, that means you should focus more on Spain. It is helpful in this regard because it helps you target regions that are more qualified or high purchase instance. Consequently, you will focus on one area that is doing better, and the sales will go well too. So, you will benefit from the region that is purchasing your product, before you generate sales and, thus, your company will have success.

It is used by the CMO, Sales Manager, and Marketing Manager.

Why is it Important?

As the product keeps selling, monitoring the way the process goes is important. You can determine which areas are loving it more. So, if an area isn’t really fond of the product and the sales don’t go well, you can’t stay focused on it. You will lose time and sales, and your business won’t generate any money.

Thankfully, if you rely on sales by region, you will successfully find the areas where people are buying your company’s product and focus on them. Therefore, the sales will go amazingly, and you will only have something to win from it. This is why sales by region are so important – they don’t allow you to lose sales by focusing on low-performing areas. They let you sell your product in regions where people look for it and become customers.


As a quick example, imagine that your company has this product that is about to be launched, and you want to see if it sells well worldwide. You check the data and notice that there were over 2,000 sales in Norway, whereas Portugal didn’t like the product so much. There were only around 80 sales, and you wonder what went wrong.

Therefore, you decide to sell your product more in Norway, thus generating more sales.
If you check the volume of sales in a geographic region and notice a low-performing region, you will have the possibility to start focusing on the one who buys your product.

Final Thoughts

Having a business is time-consuming and requires hard work. It takes time to realize which areas in the world like the products that you sell, and which don’t. Sales by region will tell you what you need to focus on, and what not to. It lets you concentrate on what generates sales. Hopefully, you are now more aware of what it means and why it’s helpful.

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