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You can make your key results dependent on the completion of other key results. For example, you may want to increase your number of clients but depend on the marketing team’s social media outreach in order to do so. Dependencies are visible on your key results page when you select “View” next to your key results.

Point Icon If you do not see the “Dependencies” section on your key results page, contact your super admin. to enable them

Let’s say you have a key result to “Increase # of social media followers from 1000 to 3000” in an objective to “Improve Online Branding.”

You can now make your key result dependent on another key result. First, select a key result to go to its overview page.

OKRs - Objectives and Key results

Select “Add Key Result” to add a key result dependency. Think about which key result yours is dependent on. Is it a team result? Is it a result in your department? Once the window opens, select the key result you’d like to create a dependency with.

My Management OKRs

Then, select add and you will see this dependency beneath your key result.

OKRs - Objectives and Key results

Point Your key result dependency is subject to acceptance/rejection by whoever’s key result yours is dependent on.

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