How does Google Calendar sync work in

Category: General allows users to sync the meeting scheduled with Google Calendar.

Why this feature?

  • This feature provides an option for users to sync their Google calendar and can access their calendar directly.
  • By using this feature there is no need to switch between platforms to check time availability on the calendar, instead, you can stay at and access your Google calendar.

Step 1

Login to the google account with your credentials.

In Google Marketplace search for OKR Meetings and install the application.

Allow data for access and click Finish.

Note: Only the Google Workspace Administrator needs to install the application.

For additional information click here.

Step 2

After installing in google marketplace, Navigate to Settings → Meetings from the left navigation panel in

Enable the Google Calendar Sync.

Step 3

To schedule a meeting, navigate to Meetings from the left navigation panel.

On the Meetings page, click on the + Schedule Meeting icon to schedule a meeting.

Before Scheduling the Meeting Check Availability.

Then, Schedule a meeting.

Note: When a user schedules a meeting within, it will seamlessly sync with the Google Calendar. Likewise, if a user sets up a meeting using Google Calendar, it will automatically get reflected in the account.

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