How can I create a new KPI category?

Category: KPIs

By default, has 300+ inbuilt KPIs with 10+ KPI categories which will help users easily create OKRs with KPIs and save their time. 

Why this Feature?

  • KPI Categories help the users identify the KPIs that they will use while creating the OKRs for the respective departments. 
  • A bundle of KPIs can be found in each category by default which helps users save time and give a clear view of what the KPIs need to work on.

Note: Super Users can only add new KPI Categories.

Step 1

To create a new KPI category, Navigate to Settings → OKRs → KPIs → Categories. Click on the +Create Category.

Step 2

Choose the icon, type the category name which you want to create, and click Save.

The newly created KPI category will be listed on the KPIs Categories page.

Step 3

To create KPIs under that category, Navigate to Settings → OKRs → KPIs → KPIs by category and click on the + Create KPI button.

Note: Superuser & Profit Manager can also create KPIs while creating OKRs and save under the category directly.

On the Create KPI side panel, You can choose the newly created category from the drop-down option.

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