How do I calculate the Average/Sum cumulative value for the Control KPI Key Result?

Category: KPIs has come up with two more progress calculation methods for control KPI key results, such as “Average of all check-ins divided by the average of targets” and “Sum of all check-ins divided by the sum of all targets”.

Note: This KPI type will not accumulate your progress for the whole OKR period unlike the existing calculation type “ Successful check-ins(target achieved) divided by total no. of check-ins”.

In this approach your key result will be progressed based on the check-in value’s distance from the target and the cumulative value of all check-ins, it will be calculated and displayed in the slider bubble. So at the end of the quarter, you can track the aggregated value, average or sum, of all the, checked-in values.

For example, if the value you are checking-in for the key result “Publish at least 5 blogs per week” is 6 your progress for the week is 120% since you have posted 1 more blog than your target. And the next week, you publish 4 blogs and the progress will show 80% and the cumulative value (6+4 = 10) will be displayed in the slider.

In the below-mentioned image, you can see the final number of all the blog posts you have published by the end of Week 2.

Key Result

Progress Calculation

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