How do I differentiate between direct check-in values and check-in values synced from sub-KRs in the check-in history of key results?

Category: OKRs allows you to differentiate between the direct check-in values of key results and check-in values synced from sub-KRs in the check-in history of key results.

Why this feature?

The check-in progress made in the Sub Key Result will reflect in their parent key result and the objective respectively. By enabling Show latest Check-in Comments toggle, you can view the check-in progress updates of key results as comments under Key Results. This helps to distinguish between direct check-in values ​​and synced check-in values ​​from sub-KR.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings→OKRs→OKR List View from the left navigation panel.

deleted sub key result

Step 2:

In the OKR List View page, Scroll down to the Check-in Comment section and enable the Show latest Check-in Comment toggle.

Check-in Comment.png

Step 3:

For Instance, let's say that we check-in the Sub Key Result Increase the number of monthly campaigns from 10 to 20.

check-in the Sub Key Result.png

Step 4:

Once you check-in the Sub Key Result, the parent Key Result progression will also get updated accordingly.
parent Key Result progression.png

Step 5:

Now you can view the Check-in Comment below the parent Key Result Increase the weekly leads from 50 to 60

You can also view the Check-in comments in the check-in History of the parent key result.

check-in History.png

Note: If you delete any Sub Key Result, the sub-key result progress, that reflects on the Parent Key Result will be taken back, and a Check-in Comment will be generated to give information on the deleted sub key results.

deleted sub key result.png

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