How to set a target date while creating OKRs?

Category: OKRs guides you through setting target dates for your OKRs to help you achieve your objective and key results at a specific time.

Why this Feature?

While creating OKRs it is very important to set the target date. Unless you set a target for your objectives and key result you will not be able to achieve your goal on time.

So it is essential to set a deadline as it eliminates and encourages focus.

Step 1

Navigate to your OKR page from the left navigation menu.

You can create objective using three ways,

  • Quick Create
  • Using Form
  • Step-by-Step Guide

For instance, let’s create an Objective using Form.

You’ll have the + icon to set the Target Date on the top right.

Step 2

Also, you can create custom dates for the Target Period.

The custom target will be getting reflected after creating the Objective.

Note: While creating key results, the Target Date should be the same or within the Target Date which you have set in the Objectives.

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