How to set conditional attributes for OKR check-in Reviews?

Category: OKRs provides an option to set conditional attributes while we update the check-in value, check-in status and the check-in comment in an OKR.

Why this Feature?

By setting a conditional attribute you can track the reason why the users have made changes while doing the check-ins.

FYI: Only Super Users can set custom attributes for OKR check-in review.

Step 1:

Go to Settings → OKRs → Reviews.


Click on the Master Layout for Check-In Review.

Master Layout

Step 2:

Under the Check-In Review column add a new Text attribute.

Check-In Review

For instance, let’s set a conditional attribute if we’re changing the check-in status as At Risk.

After dragging the Text attribute inside the column, set the input name and enable the visibility toggle named Conditional.

At Risk

While setting the criteria add a new condition as the check-in status is equal to the name At Risk and click Update.


Let’s enable the Mandatory toggle.

Mandatory toggle

Finally, click Save.

Step 3:

While you check-in key results if you set the status as At Risk.

Status as At Risk

You’ll be getting the mandatory input option to add the reason for changing the status as At Risk.

If you don’t add the comment for the input you’ll be getting an alert message and the check-in can't be done.


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