How to set conditional attributes for OKR check-in Reviews?

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Profit. co provides an option to set conditional attributes while updating the check-in value, check-in status,, and the check-in comment in an OKR.

Why this Feature?

  • This feature enhances transparency, enabling a clearer understanding of changes made and ensuring informed and trackable decisions.
  • Setting conditional attributes helps track reasons for changes during check-ins.

Note: Only Super Users can set custom attributes for OKR check-in reviews.

Step 1:

Go to Settings → OKRs → Authoring → Reviews.

Click on the Master Layout for Check-In Review.

Step 2:

Under the Check-In Review column, add a new Text attribute.

For instance, let’s set a conditional attribute if we’re changing the check-in status to "At Risk."

After dragging the Text attribute inside the column, set the input name and enable the visibility toggle named Conditional.

While setting the criteria, add a new condition where the check-in status is equal to "At Risk" and click Update.


Let’s enable the Mandatory toggle.

Finally, click Save.

Step 3:

While you check in key results and set the status as "At Risk," you'll be prompted with a mandatory input option to add the reason for changing the status to "At Risk."

If you don’t add a comment for the input, you'll receive an alert message, and the check-in can't be completed. 


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