What does Control KPI imply?

Category: OKRs

KPI helps organizations to evaluate the level of success in reaching business goals.Profit.co has Control KPI as one of the 7 key result types for you to maintain the value of KPI in a certain range.

Why this feature?

Control KPIs help you keep track of the OKRs by letting you apply upper and lower limits to make your KPIs move between the limited yet focused limits to achieve your key results on time.

For instance, let’s say that the department of Customer success wants to Enhance user experience, so they create a key result with Control KPI where they want to “Achieve system usability score of at least 80 (with a min. of 10 participants)”.

create a key result

To know how to create a key result using control KPI via a step-by-step guide, click here.

As part of your growth and management goals, you may want to control the value of a KPI where you prefer to

1. Maintain KPI above a certain value

You want to publish at least 4 articles per week

2. Maintain KPI below a certain value

You want to keep CPC at most $1

3. Maintain KPI within a range

You want to maintain employee utilization between 40 - 45 hrs per week. So this is where you mostly use Control KPIs for your key result.

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This short video illustrates the concept of Control KPI in a better way:


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