Can I highlight competencies where Manager's and Employee's ratings are same?

Category: Performance provides an option to highlight competencies when the manager’s rating equals the employee’s rating.

Why this feature?

By using this feature you can highlight the competency in the Performance Review if the assessment ratings are equal.

Step 1

As a first step navigate to the Settings icon.

Settings Navigation

Step 2

In the Settings menu, navigate to Performance → Reviews and select the Ratings Controls tab.

On the Rating Controls menu, scroll down to the Highlighting section and enable the toggle “Highlight competencies when manager's rating equals employee's rating.

Highlighting Section

Step 3

Click on the Highlighting Color box to select a color of your choice.

Highlight Colo

Step 4

You can also Exclude Ratings from getting highlighted. 

Exclude Rating

Step 5

In the above case, as the manager's rating is the same as the employee’s rating the entire competency header turns green.

Solid Rating

If you have selected the Rating option “Solid circle in the competencies header”, a solid circle rating will be formed in the header.


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