How assessment questions can be framed with Visibility options in Question builder of

Category: Performance allows super users to set visibility for the questions in the question builder under the Performance management module. Using this option you can create questions via master layout and allows you to decide on who can view each of the assessment questions.

Note : Only superusers can create questions under the master layout.

Step 1

Navigate to Question Builder via Settings → Performance → Reviews.

Step 2

Once you select the Question Builder, you will be directed to the master layout, where you can build questions. Once you choose an attribute, click on it and navigate to the Inspector tab.

Step 3

Once you enable the Assessment toggle, you will find an eye icon that indicates visibility. Click on it.

Step 4

Here you can select who can view the assessment from the drop down. By default, the self assessment “Employee” checkbox will be greyed out and for manager assessment “Manager” checkbox will be greyed out and the others as well.

Note : Unchecking the checkbox “Manager” means that the selected question will not be visible during the manager assessment.

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