How do I close an active review?

Category: Performance

Only users designated as HR can initiate or close a performance review. Users designated as HR have access to the HR administration tab under the performance tab in the main menu.

Why this feature?

Once the Performance review gets completed or the objectives are achieved you may choose to close the active review and start the new review based on the requirement. By using this feature you can close the active review at any time when you wish to close them.

Step 1

Go to Performance –> HR Administration –> Performance Reviews in the left navigation panel.


Step 2

Click on the Active performance review you wish to close from the list of active reviews listed in the HR administration: Active Reviews view.


Step 3

Click on the Close Review button provided at the top right corner. Clicking on the Close button will close the Selected active performance review immediately. The closed performance review will then move to past reviews.


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