How do I close an active review?

Category: Performance allows the users to close the active review once all the assessments have been completed. 

Why this feature?

  • Closing reviews streamlines workflow, indicating completion and allowing teams to focus on actionable outcomes rather than lingering assessments.
  • Once all the assessments have been completed you can close the active review and start a new review based on the requirement. By using this feature you can close the active review at any time when you wish to close them.

Note: Only users designated as HR and initiators can initiate or close a performance review. 

Step 1

Navigate to Performance →  HR Administration from the left navigation panel.

Switch to the Reviews tab and you can find all your reviews. 

Click on the required active performance review you wish to close.

Step 2

Click on the More icon on the top right corner and select Close Review. 

Your active review will be closed.

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