How do I enable employee Sign-off in the performance management?

Category: Performance

In Performance Review we can perform employee sign-off action, once you agree with the assessed review. This can be done once the self, peers, managers, and secondary reviewers' assessment has been submitted.

Why this feature?

Employee Sign-off indicates the acceptance of the review. This feature helps the employee to acknowledge the assessment and aid in improving their performance and skill set.

Note: Only Super Users can perform this action.

Step 1

Navigate to SettingsPerformance from the left navigation panel.

In the Review Templates page, edit the Review template where you want to make the change.

Under the category Review Process, enable the toggle for Employee Sign-Off. Finally, click Update.

Step 2

After enabling the toggle, initiate a new review with the modified template. 

In The Performance Review Process complete the below-mentioned steps.

  • Self Assessment
  • Peer Assessment (optional)
  • Manager Assessment
  • Secondary Review Assessment

Step 3

Once you complete the above steps and after enabling the employee sign-off toggle, your reviews will be highlighted like it is mentioned below.

Note: The employee sign-off section will be visible only when you initiate a review from the beginning after enabling the employee sign-off toggle.

Step 4

Now click on the review, scroll down to the sign-off section and provide comments. Click on the Sign-off button.

Once you click on the sign-off button your review will be signed off and the review will be closed.

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