How do I enable employee Sign-off in the performance management?

Category: Performance

You can now perform employee sign-off action, once you agree with the assessed review. This can be done at once the self, peers, managers, and secondary reviewers' assessment has been submitted.

Note: Only super users can perform this action.

Step 1

Navigate to the Settings → Performance → Reviews → Performance review process.

Step 2

In the Performance review process enable the Employee sign-off toggle.

Employee sign-off

Step 3

After enabling the toggle, complete the below-mentioned steps.

  • Steps to initiate a review
  • Steps to complete self-assessment
  • Steps to complete peer assessment (optional)
  • Steps to complete manager assessment
  • Steps to complete secondary review assessment

Step 4

Once you complete the above steps after enabling the employee sign-off toggle, your reviews will be highlighted like it is mentioned below.

Note: The employee sign-off section will be visible only when you initiate a review from the beginning after enabling the employee sign-off toggle.

Employee sign-off

Step 5

Now click on the review, scroll down to the sign-off section and provide comments. Click on the Sign-off button.


Step 6

Once you click on the sign-off button your review will be signed off and you can close the review.


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