How do I fill up a Manager assessment form through the Action Center?

Category: Performance

You can complete the manager assessment form via the Action center in

Note: The performance tab must be enabled via Settings.

Step 1

Login as Manager and click on the Action Center icon from the universal navigation menu bar that is on the top right corner.


Step 2

After clicking the Action Center select Performance -->Assesements from the right panel.


Search for ”Manager Assessments”. Click on the user (or) team member whose performance you want to review.


Step 3

In the My Org’s Review page, select the type of review that you want to perform from the list


Click on the user or team member whose performance you wish to review.


The enhanced dashboard of manager assessment form presents Performance Review, 1-on-1, Review History and Awards summary in the same place.

Also, when the manager requests feedback on the selected users as peers, it will be represented with a text “Feedback Requested” and with a tick icon indicating the selected peers as and when they complete. You can also add more peers as reviewers by clicking on the plus icon.


Here you can see that the selected user has completed self assessment and it is represented by a green color tick sign and hence this user has progressed for manager assessment review.


Enter your comments in the comment box.


Step 4

Give your rating on the provided competencies by clicking on the node of the horizontal rating Bar.


Step 5

Once you complete the review, click on the Save button. This will save the review Inputs and these can be edited later.

If you don’t wish to submit your assessment, click on Cancel.


Step 6

After clicking on the Save button, you will be directed to the next page where you can give your suggestions on Feedback & Salary Revision, and finally, click on the Submit button.


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