How do I fill up a Manager assessment form?

Category: Performance allows managers to assess the performance of the employees from an initiated review aiding in performance monitoring of the individual.

Why this Feature?

  • Manager assessment help in evaluating the performance of the employees, which enables them to learn and develop the skillset and the knowledge needed.
  • Employee evaluations are based on their Competencies, Goals, OKRs, and Q&As.

Note: Manager assessment can be done following the completion of self-assessment by an individual.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance → My Org’s Reviews in the left navigation panel.

My Org review navigation

Step 2

On My Org’s Reviews page, select any initiated Review for assessment.

My Org Reviews

Step 3

You will be directed to the Manager Assessment of your subordinate from the initiated review.

Manager Assessment

Step 4

On the Manager Assessment page, assess the performance of your subordinate.


Step 5

If 1-on-1 Review is enabled, click on 1-on-1 Review to submit the review.

1-on-1 Review

Step 6

On the 1-on-1 Review page fill up the assessment and click on Submit.

Submit review

The submitted review will be displayed on My Org’s Review page as shown below.

Submitted review

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