How does a Manager can select multiple Goals to Approve/Reject?

Category: Performance provides an option to select multiple Goals to Approve/Reject them instantly.

Why this Feature?

The Super Users or the Managers can approve or reject the Goals in one shot instead of approve/reject goals one by one.

Step 1:

Go to Performance → Goals → Pending Approval.

Pending Approval

Step 2:

In the Goal Pending Approval page you can see the list of reporting user’s belonging to your team.

Pending Approval page

You can filter the goal owner’s according to their name.

Filter the goal owner

Step 3:

Select the list Goals that you want to Approve or Reject.

Approve or Reject

By selecting the checkbox near the Approve/Reject button all the Goals will be selected for bulk action.


Step 4:

The Super Users or the Managers can click on the subordinate's Goal to view their overall Goal information before Approving it.


Also, Do you know the process for creating a new goal? If not please click here.

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