How Employees can Auto-approve their peers in Self-Assessment Review?

Category: Performance provides an option for Employees to auto-approve their Peer Assessment Request in the performance review process.

Why this feature?

By using this feature the employees can auto-approve peers which they add during self-assessment.

Note: Only Super Users can enable the Employee toggle to Auto-approve the peers.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Review Templates from the left navigation panel.

Click on the  Edit icon of the Review template where you want to make the changes.

Under the category Review Process, click on the  icon to edit the Peer Assessment menu.

Step 2

Enable the toggle for “Auto approve peer nominations” for the Employee.

Note: Employee can auto-approve the peers only if the toggle under HR, HR BP and Manager are disabled.

After enabling the toggle close the Peer Assessment menu and click Update.

Step 3

Select the Modified Template for initiating a new Review.

While performing the self-assessment,  the peer assessment request will be sent automatically to the users who are added to the assessment. So, now the employees don't have to get approval from the HR and Manager.

Step 4

Once the employees send the feedback request to their peers, Peers will be getting notified in the Action Center.

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