How to add attachments in Goals?

Category: Performance provides an option to add documents and links as attachments in Goals.

Why this Feature?

  • While editing/updating existing goals you can attach documents that provide evidence or records related to the tasks you work on. 
  • Users can attach a collection of files, documents, and links.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance → Goals from the left navigation panel and switch to the My Goals tab.

Step 2

On the My Goals page, select the Goal you want to attach documents. 

A side panel will appear, click on the Add icon, and select From Computer, to attach documents from your device.

Step 3

A pop-up window will appear, select the document you want to attach and click on Open.

You will get an Attachment (s) added! pop-up once the attachment uploads. The selected file will be added to your list of Documents.

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