How to add colors and group boxes in 9 box matrices?

Category: Performance now allows you to add colors to the 9 box matrices and group boxes in order to group employees based on their position in the box.

Why this feature?

  • This feature allows you to add colors and customize the 9 Box matrices, by adding colors to the groups you can easily differentiate between them and get better visualization and layout.
  • It Enhances visual clarity, simplifies differentiation, and improves 9 Box matrix usability.

Note: Only Super Users have access to Settings.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Dashboard from the left navigation panel. The 9 Box Matrix page is the default landing page.

Step 2

On the 9 Box Matrix page, click on the Edit icon of the 9 Box Matrix B Action field.

Step 3

In the Custom page, scroll down and enable the Grouping toggle.

Step 4

To add/edit the color of the group, hover over the group name field, and click on the pencil icon. Pick a color from the palette and click on the tick mark to Save.

Here we have changed the color of the existing group named High Performer.

Step 5

To create a group for the first time, click on + Add Group button, and give a name for the group. Here a group is created under the name Best Employee.

Step 6

To add the grouping elements to the created group, click on the +icon, select the groups from the list, and save.

Step 7

Now the grouping is done and you can see it in the 9 box matrices layout.

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