How to associate Key Results/Sub Key Results with goals to automate the process in

Category: Performance provides an option to associate key results/subkey results with your goals to automate the progress of your goals.

Why this feature?

By associating Key Results/Sub Key Results with goals you can automate the progress of your goals via the check-ins that you make.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance→ Goals→ My Goals from the left menu.

Step 2

Choose the goal for which you want to link the KRs/Sub KRs.

Step 3

In the edit goal page click on the Associate KR button.

Step 4

A list of key results and subkey results will appear on the Associated Key Results page, select from it.

Step 5

For instance, let’s associate a sub-key result for this Goal. Finally, click Add.

Step 6

Now the subkey result will be associated with the particular goal.

Step 7

According to the check-ins made in the sub-key result, the progress will be automatically updated in the Goals.

Note: If you associate a parent KR the Goal progress will be updated according to the check-ins you have done in the parent KR.

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