How to create a new Rating Grid?

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Similar to the 9 Box Matrix, Profit. co provides an option named Rating Grid where we can evaluate the Assessments, Scores, and Ratings.

Why this Feature?

  • By using this Rating Grid you can set your own matrix value by adding the attributes and by plotting the values at the X-axis and Y-axis.
  • The Rating grid is a matrix tool that evaluates and plots the organization’s talent pool based on many factors like performance assessments.

Step 1

As a first step navigate to the Settings icon.

Settings Navigation

Step 2

In the Settings menu, click Performance →Dashboard and select the Rating Grid tab.

To create a new grid, click on the + Rating Grid icon.

Create rating grid

Step 3

Set a new Name for your Rating Grid and also you can customize the Column Values in the Grid Graph.

For instance, if you are setting the value as 10 x 10.

Note: You can configure the grid from 1x1 up to 20x20.

Step 4

You can select the Value option from the list of modules in the drop-down for the scores that you want to be calculated for the Rating Grid.


You can Enable the Formula toggle and insert attributes for custom calculation of the scores that need to be plotted on the Grid. Also, you can add values without using the formula.

You can also configure the Visibility of scores and Review Visibility.

Review visibility

Step 5

On the Group Data tab, you can create a new Group to plot the IDP and PIP in the Rating Grid.

Group Data

Step 6

After setting all the values in the newly created Rating Grid, click Save.


You can use the newly created Rating Grid to view the Scores, Assessments, and Ratings of employees present in the Performance Review.


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